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Story image's Insights 2.0: Harnessing AI to enhance product development
Wed, 20th Mar 2024, the customer insights platform provider, recently announced the release of Insights 2.0, a new development in AI-driven tools. The new AI Copilot with this release is set to enhance how product teams utilise customer feedback for revenue-oriented product development. It marks a step forward in product management, according to the company, adeptly converting client voices into implementable insights that drive revenue-focused product strategies.

Insights 2.0's arrival is timely and imperative.'s CEO and co-founder, Prashant Mahajan, emphasised that numerous product teams are grappling with sifting through vital insights from the Voice of Customers (VoC), lost amid vast amounts of dispersed feedback. He pointed out the detrimental impact on their product decision-making processes, which tends to result in missed revenue opportunities and protracted analysis cycles.

Insights 2.0 by aims at addressing this issue head-on by providing a sophisticated AI Copilot. This smart assistant helps product managers centralise VoC feedback from various channels, uncovering crucial customer concerns and identifying new product opportunities. is set on transforming and enhancing product management processes, offering a guiding hand to thousands of product managers to identify and solve the right customer problems. Utilising AI, is helping shape revenue-driving road maps, particularly beneficial for B2B and SaaS businesses.

"We're seeing a lack of cohesive insight hampers decision-making, which leads to missed revenue opportunities and prolonged analysis cycles," said Mahajan. "Insights 2.0 bridges these gaps in product-led revenue by streamlining the capture and analysis of customer feedback to ease insight discovery."

Insights 2.0 also comes with advanced features, including auto-capture of insights from communications channels like Slack or Intercom, personalised insights for key product areas, and real-time revenue impact analysis. Improved filters help users scrutinise specific problem areas and feedback themes, letting them delve into certain aspects with greater precision. The product roadmap also includes ready-to-deploy AI insights templates that span customer issues to growth avenues.

Discussing Insights 2.0, Mahajan said: "We aim to deepen the discovery process, automate as much of the operational tasks as possible, and make the platform more intuitive for capturing feedback and customer data. AI and ML models need a significant amount of sample data to generate useful insights from feedback and customer data. By simplifying and automating this initial data input, we can help customers get value from faster." officially announced Insights 2.0 at the Product Cafe Offline event in San Francisco on March 14th. Prashant Mahajan confidently expects, armed with Insight 2.0's new features, to continue to revolutionize product management, helping teams make informed decisions and achieve significant results. Insights 2.0 is now accessible to all existing and new users.