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Story image unveils 'SAIGE', a transformative AI model in recruitment
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Technology company,, has announced the launch of 'SAIGE', a generative AI model which utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way organisations select, manage, and optimise their workforce. The Melbourne-based enterprise will unveil this innovative tool at the upcoming NVIDIA conference.

Benefiting approximately 10% of ASX 100 companies, including Qantas and Woolworths,'s platform fuels hiring decisions. Acting as an initial screen for the recruitment process, this revolutionises the conventional approach. The new product, SAIGE, will provide candidates with clear and comprehensive feedback, justifying the score for a specific skill or trait, rather than merely reporting a result. This transparent assessment is a ground-breaking step in recruitment processes.

Describing the functionality of SAIGE, Founder and CEO Barb Hyman said, "As much as ChatGPT was a revolution in the way we interact with AI, SAIGE is a quantum leap in the way people will be assessed and coached." Furthermore, the tool goes beyond assessment and provides effective coaching to candidates. It enables them to understand how they can improve and what attributes or abilities it prioritises when assigning a higher score.

SAIGE is designed to adapt and learn through consistent training to assess new competencies or the nuances of those competencies over time. Built on a foundation of a proprietary large language model (LLM), honed over six years, it operates with meticulous precision. SAIGE has been fine-tuned on a substantial dataset of over 3.5 million unique interviews encompassing 15 million responses across industries, sectors, and geographies – a scale unmatched by similar AI platforms.

As reported by, SAIGE is capable of detecting and assessing most skills employers desire for various roles. It can adapt over time and be trained to discern specific requirements for each role and company using comprehensive oversight from industrial and organisational psychology experts and empirical research from's research division, Labs.

"What we are really excited about is the potential SAIGE has on providing coaching to hiring managers and new employees on setting them up for success", added Hyman. It emphasises the growing importance of unbiased evaluation in recruitment, which has championed since its inception in 2018.

Furthermore, Dr. Buddhi Jayatilleke, Chief Data Scientist of, emphasised SAIGE's innovative transparency in AI, "SAIGE is bringing this level of transparency that is imperative for the responsible use of AI and especially in people decisions." This step helps minimise unconscious bias in human-led decision-making in sectors such as recruitment and promotions.

The impact of AI on hiring decisions has been increasingly recognised for its ability to offer intelligent candidate screening, structured interviews, and personalised coaching and development plans, crucial for modern talent management.