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AVEVA opens global design competition for AI-powered solutions
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

AVEVA, a frontrunner in the global industrial software sector, has announced the initiation of its first-ever AVEVA E3D Design Competition. The contest extends a global invitation to users, encouraging them to devise innovative solutions using AVEVA E3D Designs' artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) module to navigate business challenges associated with their organisations.

AVEVA E3D Design stands as the world's leading 3D design solution, equipped with the most advanced technology for various industries. The tool fosters potent visualisation and collision-free, multidiscipline 3D design. It also swiftly produces precise drawings and reports to diminish the costs, timescales, and commercial risks involved in both greenfield and brownfield capital projects.

The competition is designed as a platform for AVEVA software’s engineering users to demonstrate and display their AI/ML skills within the industrial applications sector. It will underline the vast pool of adept users worldwide, as well as innovative use cases of the solution. This contest is open to engineers from diverse sectors, including energy, oil and gas, chemicals, MMM, water, and marine.

Stephen Burrows, R&D Director for AVEVA E3D Design, remarked, "This competition is designed to showcase the solution's many uses for addressing business challenges and the ingenuity of the E3D community. I'm always struck by the exceptional capabilities, passion and creativity of users of AVEVA software."

AVEVA E3D Design delivers power to engineers and designers to formulate solutions in a speedy, efficient, sustainable, and inventive manner. The intuitive tool also enables users to implement AI/ML in their designs without the requirement for explicit AI/ML domain expertise. The solution’s multiple functionalities can be capitalised on using straightforward code.

The competition solidifies AVEVA's commitment to driving digital transformation and sustainability within the industry, and provides an exciting opportunity for engineers worldwide to demonstrate their inventiveness while utilising cutting-edge AI and ML technologies.