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Adobe unveils AI advancements for centralised customer data
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Adobe has announced significant advancements to the Adobe Experience Cloud, which will enable organisations to centralise customer data across their business, an essential feature for applying and extracting value from generative AI.

Adobe's Experience Platform offers a harmonised view of customers across all channels, facilitating AI to scrutinise data and provide actionable insights in real time. The resultant insights help empower applications built on the Adobe Experience platform to deliver one-to-one personalisation across marketing channels.

Being a pre-eminent purveyor in data management solutions, Adobe's Experience Platform is ideally equipped to process large-scale databases, encompassing 40 petabytes of data, 5 billion edge interactions per day, and 17 trillion segment evaluations per day, with a response time of 100 milliseconds in 99.5% of cases.

The critical enhancements announced include a forthcoming Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant. This will boost the effectiveness of experienced practitioners and facilitate extended teams' accessibility via a conversational interface. Federated audience composition will enable brands to utilise high-value data existing in enterprise data warehouses and streamline customer experience workflows, eliminating the need to replicate or migrate the data into the Adobe Experience Platform. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) will facilitate first-party data activation capabilities to allow collaboration between advertisers and publishers.

Anjul Bhambhri, senior vice president of Adobe Experience Cloud, said, “Brands have relied on Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe enterprise applications to deliver personalisation at scale, an imperative that is greatly accelerated in the era of generative AI. Adobe Experience Platform innovations such as an AI Assistant powered by generative AI enable brands to understand individual customer context and generate tailored omnichannel experiences."

Ryan McConville, EVP of Ad Platforms & Operations, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Adobe. He said, "One way we are doing that is through increased first-party data collaboration, which helps us personalise ad messages and measure campaign results in a way that is sustainable with the deprecation of the cookie and other third-party signals."

The Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant uses a conversational interface to optimise tasks, simulate outcomes, and assemble new audiences and journeys within the Adobe Experience Cloud applications. Generative AI will further augment these functionalities through automated insight generation.

Without third-party cookies, brands need new methods to assess, reach, and measure high-value audiences. Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration permits companies to use their first-party data securely, foster privacy-oriented collaborations with trusted partners, and execute advertising campaigns effectively.

Adobe's Federated Audience Composition allows brands to use valuable data from enterprise data warehouses within customer experience workflows without the necessity for transferring or duplicating data into Adobe applications. The function ensures diligent data security and administration controls while creating unruffled experiences for marketers.