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Adobe & Microsoft unveil AI-powered tools for marketers
Wed, 27th Mar 2024

Tech heavyweights Adobe and Microsoft revealed plans for a partnership to introduce new, generative AI-powered capabilities for marketers. The collaboration will unite Adobe Experience Cloud workflows and insights with Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, striving to enhance marketers' efficiency and collaboration while outdoing creativity barriers and application and data silos in daily tasks.

The partnership is poised to offer a unique offering for marketing teams as it streamlines daily tasks across planning, collaboration, and campaign execution. "Marketers spend a great deal of their day working across Adobe and Microsoft applications, and the partnership provides a unique offering for marketing teams, streamlining daily tasks across planning, collaboration and campaign execution," noted Amit Ahuja, Senior Vice President of digital Experience Business at Adobe.

The companies share a common aim of helping marketers concentrate on creating effective campaigns and improving customer experiences. "By integrating contextual marketing insights from Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Dynamics 365 within the flow of work through Copilot for Microsoft 365, we deliver on our shared goal while helping marketers streamline their efforts, break down barriers and deliver exceptional results," explained Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, AI at Work, Microsoft.

Marketers often face the challenge of operating in silos and different applications, which can result in misalignments and negatively affect speed and productivity. A recent survey by Microsoft shows that having to constantly switch between digital applications and programs interrupts the work of 43 per cent of marketing and communications professionals. The new strategic partnership, however, is poised to address these physical and digital barriers.

Initial capabilities will enhance work for marketers by addressing scenarios such as delivering enriched strategic insights right in the flow of work. Also, keeping projects updated with in-context notifications and summaries will ensure teams can unify workflows and stay ahead of changes and actions needed. Moreover, marketers will be able to create campaign briefs, presentations, website updates and emails with relevant context, using insights drawn from Adobe and Dynamics 365 data.

The integration will enable marketers to ask questions about marketing project statuses, understand campaign effectiveness, analyse outstanding approvals and actions and define the audience and KPIs of the latest brief. Adobe Firefly generative AI will be used to create imagery or copy for marketing experiences directly in Microsoft’s Word application and publish it to various channels such as the web and mobile.