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SAP Emarsys rolls out AI-driven omnichannel marketing enhancements
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

SAP Emarsys, the omnichannel customer engagement company, has unveiled new capabilities in its February 2024 product update. The new features are designed to empower marketers in building and executing AI-driven omnichannel campaigns.

The update encompasses advancements in omnichannel innovation, scalable infrastructure, and generative AI to provide improved functionality, seamless integration, and unparalleled performance. Three major features include Omnichannel Excellence, Marketer Intelligence, and a Composable, Extensible Platform.

In terms of Omnichannel Excellence, the update has piloted integration with LinkedIn, enabling brands to engage LinkedIn’s network of over 1 billion users. The SMS platform now also supports customised URLs, allowing branded domains in SMS campaigns. Moreover, Emarsys' Mobile Wallet feature has been enhanced to permit post-launch modifications and the addition of expiry dates to foster customer urgency.

On the frontline of Marketer Intelligence, the AI Subject Line Generator, currently in the open pilot phase, equips marketers with generative AI to automate bespoke subjects in their communications. A robust Event Monitoring system is also available, providing a detailed analysis of customer events and fostering a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

Within the realm of a Composable, Extensible Platform, Emarsys has launched new Tactics for the Utilities industry and introduced additional Tactics for Mention Me. This integration with the Customer Advocacy Intelligence Platform is designed to re-engage enthused customers and nurture potential brand advocates. The Emarsys platform's flexibility and extendibility are further enhanced by improvements to its cloud infrastructure, offering greater scale and reliability, faster processing speeds, quicker customer data matching, and secure asset distribution for clients with multiple business units.

Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys, Kelsey Jones, said, "The Emarsys platform is a suite of tools and features that elevate and inspire marketers, empowering them to be the best they can be in a competitive and fast-moving marketplace. Making artificial intelligence as transparent, accessible, and easy to use as possible enables them to use AI in a relevant, reliable, responsible manner. It's the foundation of game changing campaigns that make a meaningful difference to your customers – as well as to predictable, profitable business outcomes."

As it continues to offer innovative tools and features, Emarsys remains dedicated to empowering marketers to achieve their best possible performance in today's dynamic and competitive marketplace.