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Salesforce, Google expand partnership to drive productivity with AI

Salesforce and Google have announced an expansion of their strategic partnership to bring together Salesforce and Google Workspace to drive productivity with artificial intelligence.

The partnership will deliver new bidirectional integrations that allow customers to bring together context from Salesforce and Google Workspace, including Google Calendar, Docs, Meet, Gmail, and more, to power generative AI experiences across platforms.

With these integrations, users will be able to seamlessly work across platforms through Salesforce and Google Workspaces generative AI assistants, Salesforce's Einstein Copilot , and Duet AI in Google Workspace.

Customers can use their own account, contact, and opportunity data from Salesforce to generate customised Google Slides and Docs while Google Meet summaries and context from Gmail and Google Calendar can be brought into Salesforce to update records and trigger workflows, such as saving a signed contract to Salesforce and closing the opportunity with a win-loss report generated in Docs.

As part of the collaboration, Salesforce and Google have worked together to make their generative AI assistant offerings extensible and each will be the first partners to integrate with the others newly available third-party platforms.

Generative AI is reshaping the way businesses and people work. In fact, 77% of senior IT leaders say generative AI will help their organisation serve customers faster, and 64% of businesses expect AI to increase their workforces productivity.

The expanded partnership will help drive increased productivity by providing the right data and context at the right time, and unlocking generative AI benefits in the flow of work. 

With this integration, users will be able to:

Generate personalised content across Google Workspace and Salesforce: Users will be able to generate personalised and contextual Workspace content, including emails in Gmail, content in Google Docs, and more, from Workspace or Salesforce, by seamlessly accessing relevant Salesforce information on prior meetings, customer interactions, and sales outcomes.

Keep Salesforce records up-to-date with context from Google Workspace: Users will be able to leverage Google Workspace data to automatically keep Salesforce records up-to-date, increasing productivity and eliminating manual tasks like moving an opportunity stage forward in Salesforce based on context from Gmail.

Drive automation at scale: Users will be able to automate processes and eliminate the need for context switching by automatically generating interaction and meeting summaries, scheduling follow-ups and assigning tasks, and more, based on context from Salesforce and Google Workspace. For example, after a successful sales call, a summary from Google Meet can trigger assignment of tasks to owners in Salesforce, schedule follow-up meetings in Google Calendar, and move a deal stage to closed.

Go deeper: Salesforce is the first partner to integrate with Google Workspaces new Duet AI extensions framework and Google Workspace is the first extensibility partner for Salesforces new Einstein Copilot. Einstein Copilot will be able to access relevant context in Google Workspace to enrich workflows across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more. Each of these integrations are backed by the robust privacy and user data protections already in place across Salesforce and Google Workspace .

Broader AI momentum: In addition to Google Workspace integrating with Einstein Copilot, today Google and Salesforce announce the ability for customers to bring their LLMs deployed on Vertex AI, including Googles PaLM family of models, and use them within the Einstein 1 Platform to build generative AI powered experiences across the Customer 360. This continued momentum around data and AI builds upon partnerships announced earlier this year between Salesforce Data Cloud, Google BigQuery, and Google Vertex AI to help businesses utilise data and AI to deliver more holistic customer data strategy and drive personalised customer experiences.

"Our partnership with Salesforce is an example of why an open and extensible ecosystem for generative AI will create the most value for customers," says Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud.

"Together, Salesforce and Google Workspace will empower organisations to redefine how work is accomplished with generative AI, help foster innovation and productivity at scale, and make common tasks more efficient and purposeful," he says.

David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer at Salesforce, adds, "Our partnership with Google empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of AI and data, grounded in trust. 

"This deep integration between Salesforce and Google Workspace, where many users spend much of their day, helps save time and effort, unlocks far greater value and deeper insights from their data, and will fundamentally change how people work."

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